FREE meditation classes in Seattle & Olympia

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Welcome to We offer free introductory and advanced meditation classes that teach simple and practical meditation exercises. Most of our classes take place in our U-District classroom.

For calendar and details about upcoming classes call 206-322-2600 or send us a message via our contact form

A week of self-discovery during July
Enjoy these free events:
Meditation: The Journey Begins. Start meditating now and begin your spiritual journey. Everything you need to start your meditation practice TODAY!
Reincarnation: The Soul’s Eternal Voyage. We feel that death is the inexorable end of our journey on earth, yet we avoid thinking about it as much as possible. In this fascinating presentation, discover the significance of death as a brief respite in the process of our continuous spiritual evolution – the cycle of life, death and rebirth.
Sport and Meditation. Discover the inner dimension of sport and learn the yogic secrets of speed, endurance, energy and self-motivation. Surprise yourself with new endeavors and new approaches to life. Applies to sports, fitness, work and play.
Concert: Music, Meditation & Mantra. Enjoy the soul-stirring music of composer and spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy, performed and arranged by sitar virtuoso Kanala and the Pranlobha Ensemble. Joining the performers in mantra (chanting) offers the audience a unique opportunity to play an active role in creating a peaceful, meditative atmosphere.
Meditation: The Inner Awakening. A two-day learn-to-meditate workshop. Try simple, effective meditation techniques and learn ancient spiritual wisdom for the modern world. Using a variety of guided visualizations, as well as music and mantra, learn how to quiet your mind and enter into a deeper part of your being. It is in this quiet inner space that the infinite potential of the human spirit is experienced.
Call 206-322-2600 for information and to receive the Festival schedule.