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We offer free introductory and advanced meditation classes that teach simple and practical meditation exercises.

What is meditation?

Meditation is the silent art of diving deep within ourselves. In meditation we experience a part of ourselves beyond the domain of thought. It is not a state that we have to force upon ourselves or a hallucination. It is a natural state of our being. It happens spontaneously when we silence our mind. Meditation is a path towards our own happiness and fulfillment; a key to unlock our aspirations and hopes and dreams. And it is also within reach of every human being. While meditating we increase our inner, spiritual capacity, which we can then use in our daily life to become better artists, poets, athletes and world citizens.

Beginning meditation

Learning meditation is profoundly inspiring and fulfilling experience. In the beginning following a few practical tips, inspiration from experienced meditators and taking meditation classes can greatly help your practice.

Nine tips for meditation practice
Beginnings – Meditation Adventure
What is a good meditation?
Keeping the fruits of your meditation
Meditation classes – My meditation class experiences (by Abanna)

Please join us selected Sunday mornings this fall for peaceful, mostly silent meditations at the Sri Chinmoy Centre.  A wonderful way to start your day… 🙂



“Happiness is Progress and Progress is Happiness” – Sri Chinmoy

In Skagit Valley Dr. Nayak Polissar will be offering his much-beloved “Meditation for Happiness” workshop on November 19th.  He will be very happy to see you there!

We try to host new meditation events several times per year.  We were very pleased to have Ashrita visit us to give an introductory workshop last fall.

Ashrita Furman holds the Guinness World Record for the most Guinness World Records, and in a two-evening series he demonstrated his record-breaking techniques, taught simple but powerful meditation exercises, and shared the spiritual path that enabled his incredible feats of self-transcendence.

Read more about Ashrita’s fantastic feats at the Guinness World Records official site.


3100: Run and Become
If you haven’t done so yet, check out the running movie of the year, 3100: Run and Become.  You can watch the trailer here!

This deeply inspiring documentary explores spirituality and ultra-distance running through the eyes of the marathon monks of Japan, the bushmen of Botswana, and competitors in the world’s longest road race, Sri Chinmoy’s Self Transcendence 3,100 mile race.  Additional screenings for the film are happening across the country – help spread the word!

Thank you for your interest 🙂