Frequently asked questions



Q: How do I learn to meditate?
A: By practicing it! Reading a few books helps in the beginning. Regular daily practice at home is the key. Meditating with a group a few times a week is of great help too.
Q: How long should I meditate for at a time?
A: That depends on your experience. In the beginning we recommend 5-15 minutes. Later you can extend this time. The important thing is to be focused on meditation.
Q: Can I meditate on my own?
A: Absolutely – you should meditate on your own! Your own regular daily practice is the corner stone of good meditation. However, you will find that meditating with others on a regular basis will provide additional inspiration, encouragement and practical advice.
Q: How do I tell if I am meditating correctly? 
A: If you are meditating well you will have a good feeling for the world. There will be no internal disturbance or worry; you will feel poise and happiness no matter what is happening around you. It’s that simple.
Q: What are the benefits of meditation?
A: There are many and they vary person to person. They generally include a sense of happiness and well-being, poise and ability to be detached from unnecessary worries, better concentration and ability to relax one’s mind and body.


Q: What “type of meditation” do you teach?
A: Our meditation is based on the practice and teachings of the contemporary meditation Master Sri Chinmoy. In our meditation, we focus on the heart. It is in the heart where we can more easily detach from the thought process of the mind.
Q: Do I need to bring anything to the class?
A: If you can shower and change into clean, light-colored and loose-fitting clothes, that is ideal. But if you are coming straight from work, that’s okay. The most important thing is your sincere aspiration to dive deep within and learn something new about yourself. Our meditation classroom has both chairs and cushions for sitting during the sessions.
Q: Why are the classes free?
A: Sri Chinmoy believed that inner peace and happiness was everyone’s birthright, so at his request we offer free meditation classes. Once upon a time we were searching for peace and happiness and we were fortunate enough to find it through meditation. The least we can do is to offer the same opportunity to others. The classes are funded through donations from members of our meditation group, as well as sales of books and CDs.  None of our meditation class instructors and organizers are paid for their time, all is offered as a public service.
Q: Who is Sri Chinmoy?
A: Sri Chinmoy is our meditation teacher. Sri Chinmoy visited Seattle on numerous occasions and founded several dozen meditation center around the world. There is more information about his life and philosophy here.
Q:  What is the Sri Chinmoy Centre?
A:  The Sri Chinmoy Centre takes its inspiration from the teachings and example of contemporary Meditation Master Sri Chinmoy. Through meditation, we strive to cultivate peace and harmony within ourselves. Through public service, we strive to cultivate peace and harmony in the world at large. With our meditation classes and continuing meditation session we hope to help seekers develop their own meditation practice and provide an inspiring environment of a spiritual community to practice meditation with other experienced meditators and spiritual seekers.