Inner Awakening Series


The Key to a Better Life

Peace ⭐️ Progress ⭐️ Delight

March  20, 21, 23  •  Evenings  •  Three-Part Course

Peace and delight are not something you can get from without; they are already within you.  You only need the key to find them, and a meditation-life is the key.

Who should attend?

Our classes introduce a path of progress-delight to aspiring seekers.

Attendees must want to establish a foundational daily meditation practice and be eager to explore integrating meditation more deeply into their lives. 

For those who yearn for a feeling of inner progress, our curriculum is designed to help you run the fastest towards the goal.

What will we learn?

This intensive three-part course (1.5 hours per night) will include:

  • Why we meditate
  • Simple yet powerful meditation exercises to get you started
  • How to set up your own daily meditation practice at home
  • Meditative songs to brighten your day
  • Ideas and inspiration for integrating meditation into your daily life

How much does it cost?

Our classes are offered as a public service and are always free of charge.  Meditation can completely transform your life, but only if you are ready to invest the time and effort to see where it can take you.

Your sincere daily effort is all we ask for.

What if I can’t make it to all three classes?

Please plan to attend each of the three classes… Skipping even one means you will miss a lot.  We ask that you please come to this course only if you believe you can attend all three classes.

Okay, I’m ready!

We are thrilled to hear that!  We can’t wait to share our path with you, and help you discover a new depth of progress-delight.

Please give us a call and we will let you know when and where the classes will be held.  We look forward to hearing from you! 😇

Call: (978) 444-2779‬ (that’s 978-44-HAPPY)