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The past has not brought us enlightenment and the future has not come yet. We’ll just have to make do with the present and live in the moment 🙂 True, it is a cheeky phrase, but not many people can truly put it into practice. We’ll be glad to teach you that! It’s not enough to read about these things; it’s time for us to experience it directly.

What will you learn in our meditation classes?

Our introductory classes typically consist of 6-8 weekday evenings. You will have the opportunity to meditate with like-minded people. We do our best to create an inspiring atmosphere where meditation is experienced more easily. The classes are suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced practitioners.  We’ll go through following topics:

– Concentration and Meditation exercises
When, where and how?
Controlling our mind and emotions
Healthy lifestyle
Inner strength and spiritual discipline

In tune with the teaching of our founder, Sri Chinmoy, all our classes are always free of charge.

We are currently suspending classes due to community guidelines but will resume when possible

When:  &
Where: University District, Seattle

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Our Resident Instructors

Daulot Fountain_0.JPGDaulot Fountain. Daulot has been teaching workshops about meditation and conscious living for thirty years. He learned meditation at a time when he worked as a forest worker in Eastern Washington. He is also an experienced electrician, avid (and accomplished) multi-day ultra-marathon runner and race director and, with his wife, owns the Transformation-Surprise laundromat in Ballard.

moni.jpgMoni Neradilek. Moni started practicing meditation at the age of 17 in his native Czech Republic and has been a part of the Seattle Sri Chinmoy Center since 2002. He loves playing the Indian harmonium, learning and singing a vast repertoire of devotional songs, doing sports (marathon running, cross-country skiing, yoga and floorball) and searching for “the brighter side of life”. He is a volunteer organizer for the World Harmony Run in Montana and the annual Self-Transcendence Triathlon in Victoria, BC. Moni is currently teaching our classes in Olympia, WA.

nayaknandita.jpgNayak and Nandita Polissar. Nayak and Nandita first learned meditation during their 3-year stay in Thailand. Later they met Sri Chinmoy at his concert at Hunter College in New York City. Very moved by this profound experience they started studying meditation with Sri Chinmoy. In 1974 Nayak and Nandita moved to Seattle, where they helped to establish  a new Sri Chinmoy Centre. Nayak, a medical researcher, and Nandita, a manager of a vegetarian restaurant, have taught meditation  and organized concerts featuring Sri Chinmoy as solo performer across North and South America, Asia, Europe and Africa. They are owners of Silence-Heart-Nest restaurant in the Fremont District of Seattle.

pranlobha1.jpgPranlobha Kalagian. Pranlobha, a native Seattlelite, has been meditating since childhood, when her mother began attending meditation classes at the Sri Chinmoy Center. She travels abroad twice a year with her savings, in hope of better understanding the world’s many cultures. She also enjoys photography, musical composition and classical piano, cooking gourmet meals and being surrounded by nature.