About Sri Chinmoy

Dreamer of World Peace

I am a child of Heaven.
Therefore I dream.
I am a child of earth.
Therefore I serve.
– Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy (srichinmoy.org) tirelessly dedicated his life to the pursuit of world peace and to the fulfilment of the unlimited potential of the human spirit. A prolific author, poet, artist and musician, an enthusiastic athlete and a respected spiritual leader, Sri Chinmoy has inspired and encouraged millions of people the world over to discover the wellspring of peace and fulfilment that lies deep within each of us.

Born in Bengal in 1931, Sri Chinmoy entered an ashram (spiritual community) at the age of 12. While living a full outer life of service, study, work and athletics, he meditated many hours a day and attained full enlightenment, or God-realisation, in his teens. He remained in the ashram for 20 years, deepening and expanding his realisation. In 1964, heeding an inner command, he came to New York to share his inner wealth with the West.

Love God the Creator, serve God the creation. This was Sri Chinmoy’s motto, which he followed through countless endeavors that fostered peace in the aspiring heart of humanity. In his endless travels, he opened meditation Centres in 70 countries, pioneering a new union of Eastern spirituality and Western dynamism.

Sri Chinmoy left the physical on October 11, 2007. His creative, peace-serving and humanitarian offerings are carried on worldwide by his students, who practise meditation and strive to serve the world in accordance with his timeless teachings.

Sri Chinmoy’s achievements

Sri Chinmoy’s tireless example of self-transcendence was living proof that meditation can transform each and every aspect of our lives. These are just a few of Sri Chinmoy’s many self-giving achievements:

  • Artsrichinmoylibrary.com
  • Painted over 150,000 works of art
  • Drew nearly 16,000,000 “soul-bird” drawings
  • Athletics
  • Completed over 225 road races, including 22 marathons and 5 ultramarathons
  • Lifted over 200,000 lbs. in a single day — at age 73! — while performing several dozen feats of strength at a weightlifting exhibition in New York on Nov. 13th, 2004