Meditation – wisdom in simplicity


Many people come to our meditation classes searching for clarity and depth in their lives. People also try to lessen the stress that comes from the complexity of the modern life. On one hand the complexity has enabled our modern society to scientifically and materially evolve to levels that decades or centuries ago people could only dream of. On the other, hand this complexity frequently often makes our personal lives more confusing and more shallow. The quantity of news that floods our minds from the various modern media (TV, radio, social media and the Internet) has to be accompanied with the quality of our inner life – our wisdom to assign each piece of information and each life experience the right meaning and place in our lives. In this respect we find meditation to be a most valuable practice. This practice allows us to simplify our lives; to  reconnect to what each of us feels to be the most important to us, to absorb and patiently learn from life’s often perplexing lessons, opportunities that otherwise would be missed in our fast paced world.

Simplicity is an advanced course.

– Sri Chinmoy

In our next post we will give you a few practical tips on how to make your daily meditation practice work.