It’s the New Year’s Day today and I got to ponder on the beginnings of new endeavors in our lives. Although, every minute there is an opportunity to start anything new in our lives, whenever the New Year comes it supplies an extra nudge to something new. Maybe it is the day off for many people. Or the fact that you put the new calendar on and think about what you really care about in your life and what infinite possibilities that life offers. This is the time many people take on meditation. And, meditation in turn helps us to be open and receptive to new beginnings, new aspirations. And feeling to be a beginner is a great virtue in the seeker’s life.

From the spiritual point of view, every seeker is a beginner. A beginner is he who has the inner urge to grow into something ever more divine, ever more illumining and ever more fulfilling. The moment you want to make constant and continuous progress, the moment you want to surpass yourself and enter into the ever-transcending Beyond, at that moment you become an eternal beginner.

 – Meditation: Man-Perfection in God Satisfaction by Sri Chinmoy

 In today’s another article Nayak writes about his meditation beginnings.

 – Moni