Meditation Adventure


Some years ago I got fed up with life and felt that there really must be something deeper. I had a faculty position in Thailand and the material aspect and outer adventure were interesting and substantial, but inside, well, there was not much.

Nayak in 1973

I made friend with the monks in Thailand and decided to give that a go. I became a monk for four months, studied meditation intensively, and, well, it made a big difference. I mean, it made a really big difference. It made a difference in how I felt, how I perceived others, how I viewed my opportunities, and so on. I could not then or now describe what meditation was doing for me. Who can put feelings into words?

I returned to the United States, and my wife and I, both having meditated, wanted to continue. We tried various groups, and I do recommend that people do that. How many of you buy your clothes at the first shop? It takes a little shopping to find what fits.

I did my shopping and I was privileged to see a great spiritual master, Sri Chinmoy, in one of his public meditations in New York. You could feel something, I did, and I let the magnet of soulfulness, sincerity, simplicity purity, and so on, tug at me.

Nayak now!

I studied with Sri Chinmoy for a very long time and I continue with his inner guidance as a member of the worldwide Sri Chinmoy Centres. The emphasis is on meditation and service. Find what you have and share it. Discover your capacity and use it.

The marvelous thing about meditation is that it is an extremely simple practice, and just practicing meditation gets the elephants off your shoulders, and you rise and rise. I call it the soul, your real guide, and you can get to know it. There are a million more aspects to meditation and you can discover them, one by one, and you never get tired of it.

I hope that you have the blessing of giving yourself the privilege of learning to meditate.